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How an attorney can facilitate your workers’ compensation claim

Injured workers located in the Monroe County area turn to an attorney for help with a workers’ comp claim. Many reasons exist for choosing such an approach, each one unique to the injured person. Those dealing with workers’ compensation for the first time often do not know if they need an attorney when moving forward with a claim. This blog post can answer some questions injured Pennsylvania workers might have about workers’ comp while explaining how an attorney can help.

In an ideal situation, filing a claim is simple. Many employers keep incident reports and workers’ compensation claim forms on hand for employees and some employers even help claimants complete the required paperwork. However, not all situations are ideal, meaning employees might face hardships while attempting to make a claim.

Here are a few reasons an injured worker might seek help from an attorney:

— Fear of claim denial– Severity of injury– Fear of being fired– Concerns over potential employer retaliation— Demotion or reduced pay after injury– Feeling threatened in some way– Difficulty working with workers’ compensation insurance carrier

When injured as a Pennsylvania worker, you have a right to receive benefits through workers’ comp. Neither your employer nor an insurance carrier can legally deny you these benefits. This is where an attorney can offer the most assistance. Working inside of the legal system, an attorney can review your claim and take over all interactions with the insurance provider. The final goal? Nothing less than making sure you receive all of the medical benefits and income loss funds you are due.

We invite you to take a closer look at our workers’ compensation web page to decide if you need assistance from a Pennsylvania-based attorney.

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One thought on “How an attorney can facilitate your workers’ compensation claim

  1. Ron Booker says:

    My brother was recently injured while handling a project at work and he is thinking about hiring an attorney to make sure he gets the worker’s compensation that he deserves. It makes a lot of sense that you say to a lawyer that will interactions with the insurance provider. Also, I think it would be a good idea for my brother to choose an attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation because they will be the most knowledgeable about his specific case.

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