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It’s bad enough that you are dealing with the effects of a difficult injury or diagnosis. When you are in a position where you need to worry about how you’ll continue to survive when you can no longer earn a living, the burden can be overwhelming.

Ready for some good news? You could be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits that will help. Our top-notch PA Social Security Disability lawyers can help make determining eligibility for SSDI benefits a painless process.

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At MHK Attorneys, our Social Security Disability Insurance attorneys are committed to working aggressively on behalf of those injured in the workforce. Our workers’ compensation practice, combined with our thriving personal injury and wrongful death litigation departments, mean we have the knowledge and experience to handle your work injury claim from start to finish, and to win you the compensation you deserve.

While SSI and SSDI are both intended to ensure that a disabled worker has the money he needs to provide for himself and stay out of poverty, the social security administration has made the application process very difficult. Their aim is to prevent fraud and make sure only the truly disabled receive benefits. But unfortunately the effect of their stringent application process is that many qualified disabled persons are initially denied. Because applying for benefits is so difficult, it is advisable to consult with an experienced PA social security disability attorney.

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