Lehigh Valley Workers Compensation Attorney - Denied Workers Comp Benefits

In an ideal world, injured workers are well taken care of without complications such as delays or denials from insurers. In the real world, workers’ compensation claims do sometimes present challenges, including denials. Selecting a lawyer to represent you after a denial is an important decision. We urge you to consider the following as you choose a law firm to advocate for you after a denial of a workers’ comp claim:

  • Choose a law firm that devotes a large part of its practice to this area of the law.
  • Choose a law firm that does not also represent employers or worker’s compensation carriers.
  • Make sure your lawyer does not charge for your initial consultation.
  • Choose a lawyer who will advance costs of litigation for you.
  • Your attorney should collect fees on a contingency basis. This means you only pay attorneys’ fees if and when the claim is successful and you receive a lump-sum settlement.

If your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim has been denied, MHK Attorneys can help you file a claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Our workers’ comp attorneys serve the Lehigh Valley, including Monroe County. We can represent you at hearings and appeals. We are prepared to go the whole nine yards with you as the initial hearing process may take anywhere from 90 days to 18 months.

We can walk you through all processes of your hearing, mediation and appeal, including:

  • Gathering testimony for your hearing with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
  • Taking depositions from your doctors as needed
  • Representing you in mandatory mediation before hearing (sometimes waived)
  • Submitting written arguments during the briefing process after a hearing
  • Filing an appeal as needed with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB)
  • If warranted, filing an appeal to the Commonwealth Court

For more information about pursuing benefits for injuries on the job and responding to problems such as denied benefits, ask for a free copy of our book, What Every Pennsylvania Worker Needs To Know About Workers’ Compensation.

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