Types Of Workers We Often Represent

MHK Attorneys represents injured workers from a wide variety of occupations and industries. Workers we often represent sometimes were laboring at jobs known to be hazardous, including:

  • Construction (carpenters, welders, ironworkers, masons, roofers and others)
  • Trucking (drivers, dock loaders and maintenance crew members)
  • Health care (doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, orderlies, ambulance workers and others)
  • Logging (heavy machinery operators and others)
  • Gas and oil extraction, including fracking (field workers, inspectors, on-site engineers)

We also represent Pennsylvanians with jobs less known to be dangerous such as office workers and retail sales workers. Pennsylvania work injury cases that we handle sometimes involve employees of resorts in the area: summer resorts, ski resorts and golf clubs.

How The Injuries Occur

Some of these injured workers suffered traumatic events such as falls, burns from explosions, power tool accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and crush injuries. Others became ill or developed medical conditions over time due to work activities or work environment hazards such as exposure to toxic substances. Back, shoulder and knee injuries developing over time, heart and lung diseases, and cancer may fall into the category of occupational diseases.

When To Contact Our Law Firm: After You Get Medical Treatment And Notify Your Employer

Regardless of the occupations of workers, we remind people injured on the job to get medical attention promptly and to report their injuries to their employers in a timely manner. Contacting an attorney should be next on the list after these critical steps.

Whatever your line of work, our law firm can make you aware of your rights after a workplace injury. Ask for our book entitled What Every Pennsylvania Worker Needs To Know About Workers’ Compensation. Call 570-839-8050 FREE or email MHK Attorneys to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer.