Scaffolding Accidents

Properly assembled and maintained scaffolding is a wonderful tool when a worker needs to work high in the air on something more stable than a ladder. Scaffolding that has been assembled incorrectly or poorly maintained can enable serious injuries that leave workers without a way to make a living.

It is important to understand your right to workers’ compensation benefits for wage loss and medical expenses if you have been hurt in a scaffolding accident. At MHK Attorneys, we offer injured workers representation from professionals with more than 25 years of experience and 10,000 cases under their belts in  North Eastern Pennsylvania.

Was The Scaffolding Defective?

You may be able to obtain personal injury benefits through a third-party claim against the manufacturer. We can handle both claims simultaneously for you to maintain efficiency and maximize your benefits.

Don’t Let The Insurance Company Intimidate You

The insurance company will go to great lengths to muddy the waters and intimidate you, or even confuse you, into dropping your claim. Questions about how you were injured and whether you contributed to the injury do not preclude you from receiving benefits. We will take on the insurance company and be your strongest advocate every step of the way.

You deserve benefits for your back injury, shoulder injury, head injury or crush injury, and we will fight for you. Contact us today for a free consultation with our Pennsylvania scaffolding accident lawyers.