Repetitive Stress Injuries

Not all injuries happen suddenly. Workers who have a similar routine and job duties on a shift-by-shift basis are far more likely to suffer a repetitive stress injury due to muscles and tendons wearing down over the years. It can be difficult to obtain compensation for them, despite the injuries being completely legitimate and backed by medical documentation.

At MHK Attorneys, we have more than 25 years of experience and have handled more than 10,000 cases involving injured workers in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area.

Representing Victims Of Repetitive Stress In The Workplace

We seek to maximize wage loss and medical benefits for workers who suffer from repetitive stress injuries, including:

These injuries are not always as clear-cut or as easy to demonstrate as more sudden injuries such as broken bones, ruptured disks and crushed limbs. We work closely with medical professionals to document our clients’ work-related injuries and demonstrate the need for benefits.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

The insurance company will do everything in its power to deny you the benefits you deserve. We know all its tricks and will stand in its way. Contact us today for a free consultation with our workers’ comp lawyers to discuss your repetitive stress injury.