Pennsylvania Back Injury Lawyers

Back injuries on the job sometimes happen because of a sudden fall or when a worker is carrying a particularly heavy load. In other cases, back injuries develop over time because of repetitive stress involved in lifting nursing home residents or lying on one’s back while doing electrical work, to name a couple of examples.

Some workers with back injuries are afraid to report those injuries for fear of losing out on necessary income. They may become lax about taking precautions, or become used to feeling stressed and fatigued. Sooner or later, however, lumbar degenerative disk disease or a herniated disk leads to chronic pain and disability. Once a back injury sufferer has received a medical opinion that back pain is likely caused by work activity, it is important to report this to the employer.

Ultimately, a back injury will result in:

  • Medical treatment needs, possibly including surgery
  • Lost time from work
  • Ongoing pain and suffering

Workers’ compensation does not provide any benefits for pain and suffering. It does provide for medical care and temporary total disability or partial disability benefits. If you have been forced to stop doing physically demanding work because of a back injury and instead, take on light duty work with the same or a new employer, you may be eligible for cash benefits in the amount of two-thirds of the difference between your average weekly wages (AWW) at your previous job and your wages at the new job.

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