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Typically, the driver in the car behind another one in a rear-end accident is considered negligent. A driver caught in between other cars may be exempted from this assumption in a multiple-vehicle accident. In such a case, the driver may have had no reasonable way to avoid a crash even if he or she was maintaining a good following distance. This is an example of the nuances we look for during an investigation after a client of MHK Attorneys has been injured in a car accident.

Multiple-vehicle accidents occur in a variety of circumstances, including during snowstorms, in rainstorms and when a big-rig truck has jackknifed on a highway, obstructing normal traffic flow. Whatever the circumstances of the chain reaction crashes that resulted in your injury or death of your loved one in Pennsylvania, MHK Attorneys is prepared to fight to protect your right to compensation.

After suffering injuries in a multiple-vehicle accident, request a free copy of our book, 10 Biggest Secrets to Winning Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Case: A Guide for Injured Pennsylvania Drivers. Call 570-243-1392570-243-1392 or send an email to our law firm. Lawyers at MHK Attorneys offer free consultations.

A vehicle accident involving three or more vehicles may have multiple causes and may involve multiple insurance companies. For these reasons, injury claims and wrongful death claims may take longer than usual to resolve. Insurance companies often try to pass the buck as a way to delay or avoid paying out compensation. MHK Attorneys cuts through the bureaucracy on behalf of our clients, seeking ample, timely settlements or verdicts. You can count on us to do what we can to help you get the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, replace lost wages, and acknowledge your pain and suffering.

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Physical injuries are very hard to deal with after any car or truck accident. Financial worries can be just as problematic. Contact us today to schedule a consultation after you have been hurt in a traffic accident involving several vehicles. From law offices in Pocono Summit, Allentown, Bethlehem and Brodheadsville, we represent clients throughout Monroe County and beyond.