DUI Accidents

Why Drunk Driving Matters In Your Personal Injury Case

You are angry, and you have every reason to be. How could someone be so irresponsible? How could someone care so little about the value of human life? How could someone be so reckless?

You are not likely to be eligible for any additional compensation as a result of someone driving under the influence, but the fact that someone was driving drunk could make all the difference to you if you have a limited tort insurance policy.

DUI Creates An Exception For Limited Tort

Taking out a limited tort auto insurance policy to save money is a calculated risk. A limited tort policy will provide compensation for noneconomic damages such as medical expenses only if a person is seriously injured.

Drunk drivers create an exception. You will be able to collect compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering in addition to economic damages such as lost wages if you were injured by a drunk driver.

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