Lehigh Valley Personal Injury Attorney - Commercial Vehicle Accident

Our law firm knows all too well the challenges that an injured person faces after a Pennsylvania commercial vehicle accident. Lawyers at MHK Attorneys represent people injured in crashes involving commercial vehicles such as:

  • 18-wheeler (big-rig) trucks
  • In-town delivery trucks
  • Lawn care service vehicles
  • Taxis and company cars
  • Street cleaners
  • Snow plows
  • Utility trucks

Injury issues in such crashes may be similar or identical to injuries incurred in crashes between private vehicles. However, legal issues can be very different. Insurance complexities are common when a commercial vehicle is involved in a collision. There may be multiple layers of liability, including the driver, a dispatch service, the owner of the truck and/or the manager of the commercial entity.

A skilled, aggressive personal injury lawyer can help ensure that you receive all compensation due to you in a timely manner after you have been hurt in a commercial vehicle accident. MHK Attorneys is available to evaluate your case and initiate an investigation.

If you are fortunate enough to be reading this before a catastrophe, such as a commercial vehicle accident, take steps to protect yourself and your family. Send an email to request a free copy of our book, How To Protect Your Family From Irresponsible Drivers. Call 570-243-1392570-243-1392 to request a free consultation.

We Represent People Injured In Company Car Accidents And Work Truck Accidents

Attorneys at MHK Attorneys in Pocono Summit, Allentown, Bethlehem and Brodheadsville  handle commercial vehicle accident cases on behalf of our clients in North Eastern Pennsylvania. We have the experience and knowledge needed to pursue maximum available compensation to cover your medical expenses and other losses. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.