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Here are some things you may not know about truck accidents

Were you recently involved in a truck accident? Are you 100 percent certain that the trucker acted in negligent manner, thus causing the accident?

There are many things you may not understand with regard to this type of accident, such as the following;

Job-related injuries result in $597,000 award

A man who had worked for 38 years for CSX Transportation Inc retired in 2013 because of knee and shoulder injuries. He filed a lawsuit against CSX, Consolidated Rail and American Premier. The lawsuit claimed that the Federal Employer Liability Act had been violated by the defendants.

The plaintiff called up orthopedic surgery experts to testify, as well as experts in ergonomics and economics. The defendants alleged that the man's injuries were because of a thyroid condition and his age. In addition, the defendants said that the man's claims were not valid because he ran 5K races, both while he was employed and afterwards.

Workers’ compensation and employer duties

If you are injured on the job, you understand the importance of getting immediate medical attention. This is not a time to think about filing a workers' compensation claim. Instead, you need to do whatever it takes to stabilize your injury.

When the time comes to file a workers' compensation claim, it is a good idea to learn as much as possible about your rights as well as your employer's duties.

Scaffolding accidents: What you need to know

Every day throughout the country, employees use scaffolding to work at heights. For example, bricklayers use this equipment on buildings of all sizes.

While there is no denying the many benefits of scaffolding, here is something you need to keep in mind: It can be extremely dangerous. All it takes is one mistake by one person to cause an accident. And an accident that happens on scaffolding can cause serious injury or even death.

Federal safety agency investigating amputation accident

A man from northeastern Pennsylvania was seriously injured at a Walmart Distribution Center last month. The industrial accident occurred on Dec. 30 last year at the distribution center in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. Now, investigators with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are looking for answers.

According to the operations director at the Pocono Mountain Regional Ambulance, the victim, who has not been identified, is still hospitalized. His arm was transported on ice to the Geisinger-Community Medical Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

How to improve ladder safety in the workplace

Every day, millions of people climb a ladder for one reason or another. Some people are staffed with the responsibility of doing this as part of their job. There is nothing wrong with using a ladder, but it is important to remember the dangers associated with doing so. If you find yourself on a ladder for your job, make sure you do whatever it takes to protect yourself.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, you should do the following when using a ladder at work:

Things that can complicate your workers’ compensation claim

If you find yourself in position to make a workers' compensation claim, you have been injured on the job. This is a serious situation as it means you may not be able to return to work in the future. For this reason, your financial situation could take a hit.

You don't want to do anything that will complicate your workers' compensation claim. Instead, you should do whatever it takes to stay the course. This will allow you to receive benefits without delay.

What are the 6 categories of workplace hazards?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified six categories of workplace hazards present in most industries at one time or another. These categories include:

-- Safety hazards: These hazards can cause illness, injury and death and include, but are not limited to, spills on floors, working from heights, unguarded machinery and electrical hazards.

What are the most common causes of construction safety accidents?

If you work in the construction industry, you realize one thing to be true: Accidents are a part of your job. While this may be true to a certain extent, it doesn't mean you have to give in to the fact that you will some day be injured in an accident.

All construction workers should understand the most common causes of accidents. This goes a long way in helping them avoid trouble.

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