Do Grandparents Have Rights In Custody Or Visitation Cases? Short Answer: Often Yes.

Grandparents often play significant roles in the grandchildren’s lives. They are often in frequent contact, forming strong psychological bonds, and may assume caregiving responsibilities on a regular schedule. Sometimes grandparents need help securing access to grandchildren through visitation or custody rights when they wish for legal authority to house and care for them full time.

The Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure, updated in 2013, spell out criteria and procedures for securing grandparents’ rights. MHK Attorneys, with law offices in Pocono Summit, Brodheadsville, and Bethlehem, advises and assists grandparents in need of legal counsel on their rights to stay involved in grandchildren’s lives despite obstacles that often arise.

When Parents And Grandparents Seek Legal Advice Regarding Guardianship Arrangements

In some families, grandchildren live with grandmothers or grandfathers or both, either permanently or temporarily when parents of the children are unfit or unavailable. When families are able to work out these arrangements on an amicable basis, parents often seek legal authorization for the grandparent to:

  • Interact with schools regarding the grandchildren’s enrollment
  • Take them to the doctor
  • Otherwise make important decisions for them

If parents are out of the picture, formal guardianship for the grandparents may be the answer. An attorney at MHK Attorneys can advise families in amicable cases and facilitate the necessary legal processes.

When Divorce, Death Of An Adult Child Or Complicated Circumstances Stand In The Way Of Grandparent Involvement

When grandparents and parents are in conflict or when grandparents lose access to grandchildren for factors out of their control, they can turn to family law and probate courts seeking visitation or custody orders. Lawyers at MHK Attorneys represent grandparents in such cases. Grandparents who are granted custody may be eligible to collect child support from parents. We emphasize clear communication and cost-effectiveness as we pursue the most appropriate, attainable legal goals for grandparents.

Grandparent Adoption

Finally, some grandparents seek to adopt grandchildren for a wide range of reasons. An attorney with ample family law experience can guide grandparents efficiently through the steps required for an adoption.

Seek Legal Advice And Guidance From Experienced Pennsylvania Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

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