For Advocacy In A Domestic Abuse Situation: Protection Orders And More

Domestic violence or abuse situations typically arise out of emotion-laden situations, often involving marital squabbles or fights, jealousy, drunkenness, anger management problems, separation, divorce, disagreements over child custody or visitation, and other aspects of relationship breakdown. What begins as a personal matter takes on legal implications.

Protection From Assault And Threats

Safety is No. 1 when assault or threats become part of a domestic relationship.

If you have been threatened or harmed by your significant other or close family member in Pennsylvania, MHK Attorneys can help you obtain a restraining order. Please let us know the urgency of the situation when you contact us.

Defense In The Face Of False Accusations

The other side of the coin is defense in the face of exaggerated or false accusations and recanted testimonies. It is common for spouses in conflict to escalate an argument to the point where one decides to call the police, right or wrong. Once police enter the picture, someone may go to jail. Whether or not an arrest ensues, the accused spouse or partner often faces a significant obstacle to moving on with life as usual: A restraining order may bar him or her from the family home and forbid contact with children.

If you have been targeted with a restraining order and need help clearing your name, reclaiming your property rights and restoring your parental rights, speak to a lawyer right away. MHK Attorneys can provide short-term and long-term damage control. If your child custody order is at risk, we can address that, and take steps to protect your rights in spite of false or exaggerated accusations.

A Related Issue In Some Families: Children And Youth Cases

MHK Attorneys also represents parents in cases where Monroe County Children & Youth takes custody of children or threatens to do so. We will zealously defend your parental rights if we represent you by requesting a new review and otherwise doing battle on your behalf when your family unit is under assault.

For Protection Against Domestic Abuse Or For Defense Of A Restraining Order, Contact A Pennsylvania Family Law Attorney In Pennsylvania

Regardless of which side of the coin you find yourself on in a domestic violence or domestic abuse case, the legal and practical complications can quickly become upsetting and disruptive. Get answers and help now if you face domestic abuse or threats. Our domestic abuse lawyers serve all of Monroe County and Lehigh Valley. We are skilled at representing spouses and partners on either side of the equation. We are determined advocates on behalf of parents battling to keep their families intact.

Email us or call 570-992-2109 or toll free at 800-564-5136 to request a consultation. An experienced family law attorney can help you make the next best move, in your and your family’s best interests.