Lehigh Valley Living Will Lawyer

At MHK Attorneys, we have been preparing last will and testaments for our clients in northern Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. Creating a will is one of the simplest, yet most important, things you can do to protect your family and safeguard your assets.

You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes are on record in the event of your death. Planning now and creating a will allows you to decide how you want your assets treated and whom you want to see benefit from your life’s work.

Protecting Your Children

Choosing a guardian for your minor children is just as important as protecting your assets and choosing how you want them distributed. You can designate a guardian who will care for your children and be legally responsible for their upbringing in the event of your death. Without designating a guardian, you children could be left in foster care during a protracted legal battle to determine their custody.

Living Will Or Advance Directive

This important document will lay out your wishes for how you want your medical treatment handled if you are incapacitated. This can provide your loved ones with great peace of mind if they are faced with deciding whether to forgo extraordinary measures to keep you alive or to withdraw life support. This document will choose a trusted individual to make these crucial decisions about your care.


We can represent executors during the probate process, making sure that assets are distributed according to the will and providing counsel in the event of disagreements with beneficiaries and other parties. Learn more about probate and estate administration.

Protect Your Loved Ones And Your Assets. Contact MHK Attorneys.

Everyone should have a will. Some wills include trusts. We can make the process of preparing a will and related documents as simple as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Pennsylvania lawyers to discuss your will or will contest.