Will Contests Are Difficult — And Common

It is easy to make judgments when you hear about other families squabbling over assets after the death of a family member. “Why is that brother or sister stirring up trouble? The parents would not have wanted a fight,” you may have thought when you heard of contentious estate administration cases.

However, when an estate-related conflict erupts in your family, it is a whole different story. You may now find yourself unexpectedly and unwillingly involved in a will contest after the death of your parent, spouse, child or sibling. You want to do what’s right, protect your rights and respect the family legacy.

For Peace Of Mind, Talk To A Will Contest Lawyer As Soon As Discord Emerges

Your motivation in seeking to defend a will contest or in prosecuting one may go beyond your desire to protect assets that you believe should rightfully be yours: Namely, you may be convinced that your deceased mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother or sister would have wanted you to fight for what’s right.

Estate administration lawyers at MHK Attorneys have experience in all aspects of estate planning, probate and other end-of-life matters. We represent people throughout the Lehigh Valley and Monroe County, in will contests, trust litigation and other contentious estate-related matters.

Clarify The Issues In Question

Your family member’s will may be under scrutiny because:

  • It was allegedly formalized incorrectly.
  • There is more than one will, and there is disagreement about which is valid.
  • Someone (a family member, caregiver, friend or charitable organization) is suspected of having exerted undue influence on the person who created the will.
  • The decedent’s competence when the will was created is in question.

Understand Family Dynamics At Work

Contesting a will is not only about money and property, in many cases. Family dynamics are often a complicating factor. It is not uncommon for will contests to involve:

  • A second wife or husband versus children of a previous marriage
  • A church or other organization versus family members
  • Creditors versus family members
  • A child who cared for an ailing elder parent versus brothers or sisters who were less directly involved during the latter state of his or her life

Whether you are a personal representative (executor) or a named beneficiary in a will, our estate administration lawyers can evaluate your case and represent you in settlement negotiations or in trial.

Do The Right Thing While Protecting Family Assets. Contact MHK Attorneys.

Rest assured that we share your concern about not spending your parents’ (or other loved ones’) assets on legal fees. At every step of the way, we will encourage a resolution by the most cost-effective and overall satisfactory means available. Compromise may settle a case less expensively while at the same time leaving open the possibility of reconciliation between warring family members after the death of a parent or other loved one.

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