Estate Administration

Losing a cherished family member is always difficult. It is even more difficult when accompanied with the legal responsibility of being an executor. At MHK Attorneys, we offer thorough representation for estate administration and probate. You can rely on our team to efficiently distribute the probate court and ensure assets are distributed according to the will and/or Pennsylvania intestate laws.

Our experienced lawyers can assist you with all aspects of estate administration and probate, including:

  • Filing petitions with the probate court
  • Providing notice to heirs and other interested parties
  • Appointment of an executor or administrator for the estate
  • Inventory, appraisal and/or sale of estate assets
  • Making payments, if necessary, to creditors
  • Distributing assets to heirs and other beneficiaries
  • Fulfilling responsibilities as a trustee of distributing assets held in trusts

When Someone Dies With A Will

This is what probate is for. Probate can be handled efficiently, resulting in the distribution of assets according to a person’s last will and testament. We help executors with every step of the process, from filing the will to carrying out the distribution of assets.

When Someone Dies Without A Will

This is a situation that can quickly become complicated if not handled properly. One of the primary benefits of having a will is sparing your loved ones from the potential risks of administering an estate according to intestacy laws, which may or may not reflect the wishes of the deceased.

We can guide you through the process of choosing an administrator and making sure that the estate is properly administered.

Will Contests And Estate Litigation

Our team can represent you in any litigation stemming from someone objecting to the will. We have been handling estate planning as well as estate-related litigation for more than 25 years. We have the skills and resources necessary to obtain results in the courtroom in order to protect the interests of our clients.

The Service You Need From Attorneys You Can Trust

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